ShackMaster Version 1.6 Specifications


User Commands

HF Listen-Only Mode

5          VFO A/B Alternate (VFOA->VFOB, VFOB->VFOA, Memory->VFOA)

5*        Split On

50        Split Off

            Notes:  Split turns off when turning HF crossband off or selecting an HF memory.

Swapping VFOs when split is on causes response of VFOAB or VFOBA, with the first letter indicating the receiver VFO, the second indicating the transmitter VFO.


(keyup during control window) HF scanning and rotor turning stop.


Normal Mode

1          Reverse Patch activate (from Telephone)

6          Reverse Patch answer (from over the air)

Notes:  Reverse patch will ring out the control transceiver for 60 seconds or until answered.  When answered, operation is identical to PersonalPatch.

7*        Clears crossbanding “Return to receiver” digit selected with 7*(digit)


Control Operator Commands

11        RE       Reverse Patch Enabled U

12        RD       Reverse Patch Disable

U Power up state.


Programming Commands

*119(0/RCB installed, 1/not)                Rotor Control Board Installed/Not

*120(seconds)                                     Phone Line Control Timer

*121(seconds)                                     Over the Air Control Timer

*122(0/Heathkit, 1/X-10 BSR)            BRS Unit Select

Note:  Normal, Alternate, and COP prefixes are now limited to 4 digits maximum.



Operation from the phone …


Phone will not answer in response to transients on the phone line such as pickup and hangup of another phone or dial pulses.


Phone line control timer is programmable – allows extended listening without needing to enter Touch-Tone.


A warning announcement is provided indicating pending phone control timer timeout – it says “Time’s Up” and will hang up in three seconds if no Touch-Tone is entered.


When keying a transmitter with a */#, the transmitter is not keyed until the end of the * command so the * doesn’t go out over the air.