Operation from over the air …



PersonalPatch vox dropout timer is lengthened to 1 second – smooths out patch operation


Patch Timer Extend command reloads patch timer value (not 30 seconds); may be reloaded any time the patch is up.


PersonalPatch timeout warning waits until the transmitter is keyed so you will be sure to hear it.




Over the air control timer is programmable – allows extended c/b listening without grabbing control window.


HF control window can be lengthened to 90 seconds for longer listening between dropouts.


Timed–out condition is cleared with any Touch-Tone (COP level command not required) to simplify operation.


When operating full duplex using an HF transceiver COS, command responses will properly key secondary transmitter.


Control of TS-440/940 allows return to VFO after accessing a memory.


General Control…


X-10 Powerhouse control unit is supported (all functions except bright/dim).  Connect SM logic connector pin 18 to X-10 DIN connector pin 2 and SM logic connector pin 13 or 25 to X-10 DIN connector pin 3.  Select X-10 unit with Programming command (above) Housecode is A.


With control from secondary, control no longer returns to primary after hanging up Shackpatch or PersonalPatch allowing continued control from the secondary.


When QSYing control xcvr to alternate memry, it’s immediately ready to accept commands.


If the RCB is not installed, ShackMaster will ignore direction commands (use Programming command above)


Entry of 7* and 70 will not cause ShackMaster to reset.


FT-757GX Owners Note:  HF scanning up and down with the 757 can result in a random switching of the transceiver into memory mode.  We haven’t been able to isolate this problem to ShackMaster.  Use scanning with the 757 with care.