DVR Tip Sheet

This tip sheet is to help first time DVR users get the unit hooked up and running.  This is by no means complete,
but should help to get you going. One of the hardest things to get used to with a DVR is it does not sign on like
the controllers. No "A C C  D V R  V 2 Point Oh.  It just sits there.  The fastest way I have found to check a
DVR is to do the signal test.

Key your radio, enter "4***", unkey, then key back and say something important like, "TESTING 123". The DVR should
replay your important message.  This verifies that your touch-tones were decoded, COR worked, and the "BUSY" output
kept your transmitter keyed so you could hear the message.  If this doesn't work, don't go any further until you
can make this work, nothing else matters until this is working.  Be sure to measure your audio level into the DVR
with the test pins next to the level pots.  You can also do this test on a channel set up for the phone but remember
you have to follow the commands on the phone with a #.  The phone channels are set not to require COR.

I also like to use an amplified speaker to work on controllers.  I find them at Radio Shack for about $10. They are
VERY useful for many projects.  I just hook the output of the controller, DVR, etc to the amp to listen what is
going on.  Sometimes you hear things you would have missed over the air. 

Once you have the signal test working, program your messages.  "Theirs mail for", "Who's your message for", etc are
NOT built in the controller. Get you best voice in the club to record these prompt tracks.  

BE SURE TO HAVE BATTERY BACKUP!  You messages, prompt tracks, and codes are all lost when the power fails.  You spent
all that time making everything sound so good, then the lights blink and you have to start from the beginning.  Once
the power comes back on, you have a new factory default DVR. All codes revert back, and the tracks are ALL blank.

One other tip of great value. Track 120, "Theirs mail for" will not play back, no matter how hard you try unless
there really is mail for somebody. This is so you can program the controller to play 120 as a tail message and the
DVR will tell you who the mail is for. If there is no mail, you don't want the DVR saying, "Theirs mail body"
Just don't say anything, which is what it does.  The point is, when you are recording your prompt tracks and you
want to play back each one to see how they sound, you can't play back 120 unless you have recorded a mail message
for someone.

The rest of the manual will get you going very well, it just leaves out some of these important facts that takes a
lot of time of figure out unless someone tells you!!  So go read the manual now!!

73, Paul Kindell


DVR Tip Sheet

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